"When you enter Badger’s world you know that safety is mutable, and probably for reasons that are not only unforeseeable but that are only marginally sane. Which means that the ideas presented are, in these unfathomable times, realistic."
-- Ken Greenleaf, September 6, 2013
"Badger's piece [Slowly I Turned] stays clear of any heavy or over-determined messaging. It's subtle and entertaining installation art made with very simple means. It's smart but also humble and fun -- a combination which, unfortunately, is rare for installations."
-- Daniel Kany, Portland Press Herald, September 11, 2011

"Badger uses the residue of human innovation to explore the intersection of technology and nature, and does so in a way that encourages the viewer to ingest and reflect. The Gleaners offers a serious inquiry with a delicate hand."
-- Sarah Bouchard, The Bollard, August 9, 2011

"His data trees, charts, and graphs bring a sense of tangibility to life's intangibles...which is the central design throughout Badger's work. Creating bold juxtapositions, the 35-year-old artist wraps existential themes, new perspectives on history and statements on invasive 21st century life within vibrant, cartoonish and caricatured images and installations that at first appear benign..."
-- Taryn Plumb, Artscope Magazine, March/April 2011

"The [artist's] influences on each other, and how their imagery and narratives are perceived, is very apparent in Jeff Badger's curatorial work. As a vision of the future it is full of fantasy and humor, but also beauty and some touching moments of humanity."
-- Matthew Nash, Big RED & Shiny, October 2, 2007

"Be prepared to spend some time with Badger's creations. They are immensely worth it...For all its lightheartedness though, Badger does address issues of global impact, philosophical depth, and touching emotional uncertainty."
-- Britta Konau, art & other important things in life, November 14, 2010

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